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1.1.1 Welcome and Foreword


This document was reviewed and updated in August 2017 and published in this online manual in October 2017.

These procedures continue to support front line practitioners and managers with the development of good practice and continue to play a pivotal role in progressing the quality and timeliness of our work in achieving best outcomes for children and their families.

These procedures have been updated to reflect the requirements of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 and  link to current LSCB procedures.

I am keen that these procedures are not seen as a bureaucratic tool, but as a best practice framework to support all workers within their respective roles. For this to happen it is important that, together, we ensure that they are accessed, owned and valued by all staff. We continue to update these procedures in light of changes in practice and ask you to please highlight anything that may be unclear or appears to be incorrect or out of date to

Key terms will be defined throughout. Rather than repeating key guidance, hyperlinks to relevant local and national policy, guidance and legislation will be made. A list of key documents and links can be found below and in the reading list appendices to this manual (see Recommended Reading).

We have made arrangements with tri.x for the manual to be maintained so we can keep our procedures up to date with national guidance and can incorporate developments and amendments generated in Cambridgeshire. We will continue to manage changes to the procedure through consultation with users; this will also contribute to the quality assurance process.

I advise you to familiarise yourself with all our procedures in order to maintain the most up-to-date standards of practice. It is against these procedures that the quality of our service may be judged or evaluated. The children and their families with whom we work should expect no less than our adherence to the standards of practice that we set ourselves.

Lou Williams
Service Director: Children and Safeguarding