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1.1.2 Scope and Purpose

This manual replaces the previous Child In Need procedures for Assessment and Care Management (2000). It encompasses the work of the Children and Young People's Service (CYPS): Social Care with children 'in need', including those in need of protection and disabled children.

The manual aims to provide procedures (i.e. what to do, when, where, and who should do it) and practice guidance (how and why to do it), reflecting current legislation and statutory guidance. The manual reflects the CYPS Quality Assurance Framework and national performance indicators. Where relevant practice standards will be explicitly stated so that staff are clear the standards that are expected of their work. In turn this will give staff confidence to carry out their work effectively

Key terms will be defined throughout. Rather than repeating key guidance, hyperlinks to relevant local and national policy, guidance and legislation will be made. A list of key documents and links can be found below and in the reading list appendices to this manual (see Recommended Reading).

This manual aims to support the business process; therefore flowcharts will be incorporated where appropriate.

These procedures aim to place the recording of work at the centre of social work with children and families. Therefore links have been added to enable access to the appropriate Integrated Children's System (ICS) process.

This manual has been developed with the help of service users where appropriate.

This manual will be reviewed and updated in accordance with new national legislation and guidance and will be reviewed by the Head of Social Care Strategy on a 6-monthly basis.

To assist the reader a Glossary of Acronyms has also been provided, refer to the Cambridgeshire County Council Internal Intranet.