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2.2.7 Safety Plans

This chapter was added to the manual in October 2019.

Risks / safety issues and how to manage them should be written into the child’s plan; Child Protection, Care Plan or Child in Need Plan.

Safety Plans are not used as part of routine practice. The circumstances in which a Safety Plan (LAC / DIS) on ICS / ONE is used is:

  • For every child with a disability who has a service or package of care;
  • For a child in care, where there is a definable risk outside the placement, such as CSE or Missing. In such cases, the risk matrix for CSE and Missing must be used first to assess and record the risk. The safety plan is then developed, based on the risk assessment. See the Cambridgeshire LSCB Child Sexual Exploitation Operating Protocol.
When working with families where domestic abuse is a feature, the family will need to decide what they need to do to keep themselves safe. Social workers may support them to do this, and add this information into the main Plan for the child. If the family chose to write down their plan, keep any copy and save it to the child’s record.